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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Bring?

Sunscreen, towel, drinks, food, water, sunglasses, rash guard, hat, swimsuit, change of clothes, binoculars, camera, dramamine or any motion sickness medications.


What About
Covid Protection?

We disinfect our yacht after every trip, and all crew members are tested regularly.


What Is Your Mask Policy?

All tours are private and include only guests that you invite. Masks are optional for guests. Crew members will wear masks if requested. 


What Happens If I Have To Cancel?

If you call us and provide 24 hours notice, we will allow you to reschedule or refund your payment. Otherwise, if we can notify our crew before they arrive at the boat, and we will allow you to reschedule. If we cannot notify our crew beforehand, we will have to pay them for preparing the boat and travel time, so we will not be able to refund your payment.


Do You Provide
Snorkeling Equipment?

You are encourage to bring your own snorkeling equipment or prescription masks because you will be more comfortable. We can provide masks, snorkels, fins, and noodles to help you stay afloat if needed. Call for details.


I've Never Snorkeled Before;
Is It Difficult? What If
I'm Not a Particularly
Strong Swimmer?

It’s not; snorkeling is one of the simplest aquatic hobbies you'll ever do! Our patient captains are masters of instruction. We provide a variety of flotation equipment as well as special vests that you may use while snorkeling.


What If I'm Pregnant?

Please call or email to 

discuss in further detail.


Can I Join If I Have Had 
Back Or Neck Issues?

Please call or email to discuss in further detail.


I Recently Had Surgery.
Can I still come?

Sure, depending on the severity of your procedure! Give us a call, and we'll go over everything together.


What Safety Equipment
Do You Provide?

Our yacht has been inspected by the USCG and certified for operation. We provide USCG- certified life jackets for all guests. We also have state-of-the-art navigation and communication equipment in case of an emergency, along with a fully functional EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacon). Most important, we have two Cummins diesel engines which will be very useful if one of the engines malfunctions.


What Is The Ideal Time
To See Whales?

The ideal time to  go whale watching is between late December and the end of April when Humpback Whales travel from the North Pacific to Hawaii. We provide daily whale watching tours throughout that time of year. Numerous additional whale species dwell in Hawaiian waters annually and are occasionally sighted on one of our tours.


Is Smoking Allowed
On a Yacht?

We strictly prohibit smoking while cruising. On our trips, we follow rigid guidelines to ensure nobody is smoking.


Can I Pay With Cash?

We are a cashless venture. All reservations must be made online with a debit or credit card for your convenience.


Do You Have Bathrooms
On Board?

We offer restrooms and freshwater showers on our swim platform.


How Large is the Yacht?

Whale Song Enterprises is a 

40ft Yacht. Book a trip today 

aboard our luxurious boat!


Should We Wear
Life Jackets?

Whale Song is a USCG- certified vessel, which means we have all safety equipment, such as lifejackets, an EPIRB, and more. You are not compelled to wear a life jacket on our boat, but you are encouraged to do so if it is more comfortable for you.


What Time Is The Best
To See The Marine Life?

Morning trips are often the calmest, but there is no difference in our sightings success rate between morning and afternoon visits.


When Should I Arrive
For The Tour?

Please remember that the tour time is simply for your check-in and not when the vessel departs; there is no need to be any earlier than the specified tour time to check-in.


How Far In Advance Can
I Book a Tour?

You can book a tour several months in advance. The latest you can book a tour is 24hrs in advance. We are always busy and booked due to increased demand, so it's highly recommended that you reserve your desired slot as early as possible.


How Do I Book a Tour?

Right here! Click Book Now!


What Should I Wear On My
Whale Watching Excursion?

Wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes. Depending on the sea conditions, you may require light waterproof clothes if you prefer to spend time on the outdoor decks of our vessel. We recommend sun protection clothing if you are sensitive to the sun.

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